Rinku Park

Rinku Park

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Park Guidance

Rinku Park Reaching out to the Sky, the Sea,
and the Future

The sky and sea stretch out before your eyes. Facing the gateway to
the world that is Kansai International Airport,Rinku Park covers 60.4
hectacres of land. Beaches, incredible views, and green spaces,
welcome visitors and convey a wide open feeling。
Rinku Park reaches out to the future, tinted by hues of green and blue
from the shimmering ocean.

Access Guide

Access Guide map

  • Approx.3 min. walk from Rinku Sta.JR Approx. 40 min by Kansai Airport Express from Tennoii Sta.
    Nankai Approx. 37 min. by Airport Express from Nanba Sta.
  • Take Izumisano Junction on Hanwa Expressway and exit atIzumisano Intersection onto Kansai Kuko Expressway.
  • EXit at Izumisano Minami Ramp on the Hanshin Expressway Bayshore Route.


Some Reminders

  • Cars must be parked in the parking lot.
  • Treat park facilities with care.
  • Take all trash back home with you.
  • Flowers, trees, birds and fish are alive.
    Please treat them with care, making sure
  • Please be advised the Inner Sea abruptly becomes deeper.
  • Don’t do anything that might endanger other park visitors.
  • Do not make bonfires or bring dangerous articles to the park.
  • Unauthorized sale, distribution, setting up stalls or advertisement of goods is prohibited.
  • Those who infringe on the Park’s regulations or disobey the Park
    Management Office’s instructions will be subject to punishment according to
    the Osaka Prefectural City and Part Development Ordinance.


Rinku Park Management Office
Osaka Prefectural Park Association
1-271 Rinku Oraikita, Izumisano-shi 598-0048
TEL 072・469・7717/FAX 072・469・7719

Fun Facts!

◆The Four Seasons Spring is directly to the west when viewed from the Taiko Bridge.
The sun sets in this location on the spring and autumn equinox days.The Summer Soistice stairway is slightly
to the right, and the sun sets there on the summer solstice day. On the left is the Winter Solstice Grotto.
That is where the sun sets on the winter soistice day sunset.

◆The three large rings of the Four Seasons Spring depict the diurnal orbits of the summer solstice day, the
spring and autumn equinox days and the winter solstice day, while the sphere in the center represents the
earth. The earth’s axis extends outward from the earth like a spear.The axis points the north, which can be
verified because it points out the North star. The angle of this axis is 34.4°, which is the latitude of this


Symbol Garden

Walking along flower paths by the sea, visitors can enjoy splendid views of landscapes and the flowers of the season, and repose in the intimate atmosphere trees provide. The Taiko Bridge draws a large arc reminiscent of days long past. Witness the changes in season by watching the location of the sun set into either the Summer Solstice stairway, the Winter Solstice Grotto or the Four Seasons Spring. This park offers a unique vantage point from where visitors can watch airplanes take to the skies from Kansai International Airport just across the water, and see Awaji Island and the Akashi strait Bridge in the distance. A visit to Rinku Park is sure to be an exhilirating experience whether it be with your family, your friends or that special someone.

①Four Seasons Spring

The three large arcs represent the path of the sun during the summersolstice, the spring and fall equinoxes and the winter solstice, while the
sphere in the center represents the Earth. At night the spring is illuminated, adding to a beautiful night scenery visitors can enjoy.
②Inner Sea

This shoreline enables the visitor to appreciate the sea. Since it is connected with the outer bay, it shares the same tide cycle.
③Flower Path

In this area, visitors can take a stroll and enjoy the flowers of the season as well as the scenic views of the bay. There are more than 50 species of perennials in the
flowerbeds that bloom from spring through fall.
④Taiko Bridge

Visitors can sit on the stairs and watch the sun set or airplanes embark.
Music festivals and other events are held using this bridge and Ishibutai.
⑤Rest Area

Located at the center of the park, this facility is used as an informationcenter.
Visitors can also go directly to the crest of the Taiko Bridge from thesecond floor.
The third floor has a unique view of the entire area.

Seaside Garden

Created with an image of 9「een pines and white sand in mind, the Marble Beach lets visitors enjoy the scent of the sea breeze and the sound of the surf. Visitors become immersed in vividly lush greenery and feel a sense of boundless merriment. Five small gardens along the side of the road represent the Morishima, Ariso and other traditional Japanese gardening styles. Visitors can relaχ in the Hagi Rest Area. You’ll forget the passage of time as you gaze at the vast, changing scenery outside the window from the parkinglot facing the sea.

⑥Marble Beach

A While marbled beach with luxuriant green pines. Relax and let time flower by as you listen to the sea breeze.
Total length:2.8 kilometers/Developed length:900 meters
⑦Hagi Rest Area

Your spirit will naturally become more peaceful as you gaze out to the distant sea. Next to the Hagitsubo,there is a field full of the pale crimson bush clover, one of the seven flowers of autumn.